"Emily has helped me on my journey to optimal personal health. I wanted to lose the weight after my second child and after spending time with Emily, I quickly learned that I needed to commit to a more holistic approach to personal health. Between meal planning and exercise, I have quickly lost the extra pounds and feel great both inside and out!"


"Great facility, great personal trainers! Emily and Lowell really want to help you reach your weight loss goals. I highly recommend this couple."


I decided if I could transform myself I wanted to spend my time and energy on helping others to do the same.  I am just a coach or tool to help you get where you want to be.  You have to put in 100% of the work and the effort.  It can be done.  Since being on this journey I have faced more personal challenges, heartbreaks, disappointments, issues with my medications but I have not become obese again.  It is a lifestyle change.  Have I stummbled and gained some extra weight?  Yes, I have.  But I can reel myself back in and get on track.  If I can do it, than anyone can do it.  It seriously is mind over matter!  I want you to know this because I am a normal person, nothing fake, no hollywood stuff, I didn’t have tons of money to spend on stuff to help me.

I am inviting you to take apart of one of our programs at Exclusively You.  If you are ready and give me your 100% I will be your trainer, coach, motivator, whatever it takes to get you to meet your goals.   This new journey wont be the easiest thing but I promise you can do it and it will get you results if you take it serious and follow my instructions 100%.

I encourage you to take a look at the before and after picture of me.  The before is not quite my biggest but I just wouldn’t take my picture then.  You will get the point or see that I too have struggled with my weight.  I can help you there is no gimmick, trick, or any magic pill, drink, wrap, gadget, (I know because I think I tried them all)  The last thing to know from me is there is no judgment here!  I am a judgement free zone and you can ask me anything and I will answer you honestly.  I look forward to being a part of your journey!