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Santina Houser is a certified FiTOUR Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Beachbody LIVE PiYo instructor since 2018. A graduate of NC State University with a degree in Biology and Anthropology- she found a mix of a passion for people and science in the fitness world. Her mission is to cut through the noise in the health and fitness industry and to empower people to create reasonable and sustainable goals for lasting health, happiness, and confidence. Her vision is a world where daily acts of self-love and care are a regular regimen for living a longer and healthier life, with less dependence on medications to fix our ailments. Let Santina create a custom 1:1 workout plan tailored specifically to you and your goals. With expert guidance and progress check-ins, she is the accountability and support you NEED to achieve the results you WANT.



Hey there! My name's Suzanne Gilbert. I'm 35 and a mama to three amazing boys! As an ISSA certifiednutrition specialist, yoga instructor and personal trainer. My passion and bliss is helping others achieve a healthy holistic lifestyle. Wellness is not just hitting the gym or moving your body. Most people know that a holistic lifestyle includes regular exercise and balanced nutrition but many forget that it also includes plenty of rest and stress management. When we aspire to take care of our bodies we have totake care of all of it. That includes our mind and heart/soul. When I was pregnant with my first son I struggled with imbalanced hormones which resulted in emotions that made me very aggressive. I didn't realize what was going on and so I fell into postpartum depression once my son was born. Thankfully I recovered in time. But then I got pregnant with my second son and found myself unable to play with my oldest and having suicidal visions. I was making choices that were destroying my physical and mental health. I was an emotional eater, using food to numb the visions, I was reading and watching garbage that left me sad that my life didn't match up to a fantasy, and I was staying up late because I was afraid to go to sleep. My health was under attack! At that point I needed professional help, but it didn't snap and shift for me until years later. I watched my body and mind go from confident and strong as a young women, to weak, flabby and fluffy, my pant sizes were only ever increasing, my emotions were erratic and unstable and I felt awful! I could never seem to find something that pulled me up out of the mud I felt like I spent every day trudging through. I realized I had to fight this. I found yoga and meditation as a mental balm for me. I started educating myself on healthy food choices and stopped eating from a box or a carton in the freezer! Now I get to choose my pant size, my visions have stopped and I fuel my body with food that helps me live my dreams! Today I am mentally strong, physically strong, I make choices that strengthen my body and mind and I love a good nap! I became a personal trainer to help you have the same victories! Watching people around me conquer their inner demons and show the world they are strong has become a great passion for me. You are known and loved with out measure! Making a lifestyle shift to show the world how valuable you are does not have to be done alone. I am passionate about linking arms with people as they endeavor to reveal who they are in their soul, empowering them to reach beyond, and equipping them to become individuals who are passionate about wellness in a holistic manner.


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